Garston Farm Airfield

All visitors to our airstrip are extended a warm welcome, (provided prior permission received), and the kettle is always on in the caravan!    We have an excellent relationship with our neighbours, and wish this to continue   Please, read this page carefully.  Help us, and you help yourself!               Thanks!

Use of this airfield is conditional on the obeyance of the following:-

1.    Permission to land must be obtained by speaking directly to Mike Ball at some stage prior to departure. (07901755312)

2.    Airfield lies within Colerne ATZ.   All airborne movements are under the control of Colerne ATC. (120.075 MHz.)

3.    All circuits to the North.   No Deadside,  so join Downwind.    Rwy 09 LH,   Rwy 27 RH.

4.    No over-flying school, village or airfield below 1500ft AGL. (See Area Map)

5.    No multiple landings, (i.e. circuits).

6.    Pilots must have a minimum 100 hours P1, and also some grass-strip experience.

7.    Pedestrian Right of Way crosses Rwy 09 threshold and taxiway.


   Call Colerne ATC (120.075 MHz.) prior to entry.   Operating agreement with Colerne ATC requires, if no reply after three calls,  continue inbound with caution and "Colerne Traffic" blind calls .

    No Deadside, join directly Downwind.  Rwy 09 L/H,  Rwy 27 R/H.

  If landing Rwy 09,  extend downwind leg well past Marshfield village.

   If landing Rwy 09:-  Tennis Courts and Trees 160m West of Rwy 09 threshold.  Approach offset  30 to south. Keep noise to a minimum.. (See Area Map).

 On The Ground
   Please park in the Visiting Aircraft area,  which is to the East of North/South Taxiway.  Think,  prop blast when manoeuvring!    Book In/Out at the caravan.    


 Back-track while monitoring 120.075 MHz for incoming traffic.

 T/O approval from Colerne ATC (120.075 MHz.).   Again, if no reply after three calls,  continue with blind calls and caution.          

 Rwy 27:- Tennis courts and Trees 160m West of Rwy27. As soon as safety allows turn left 30 (HDG 240 No right turn on Rwy 27 departure until well past village!

 Rwy 09:- Climb straight ahead until passing 800ft AGL then turn left, (North), to vacate Colerne ATZ.

 The  Area Map  shows the required circuits.

 Airfield Data :- 

 Position :  N05127.635   W00218.084         

 Runway :  09/27 Grass.   Length: 700m Width: 23m   Elevation 600ft AMSL   Rwy 09 slight downhill gradient.

 Electric wires:  (Telephone Pole height) at Rwy 27 threshold, although these lines are underground for the width of the runway.




Area Map